When Looking for the Best, Look No Further Than Dayton Channel 2

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In Ohio, when asked for the best world news, the best news magazine, the best internet news, and the best homepage for news, you only need one answer for all of them. Dayton Channel 2 is the ultimate in news resources for both television and online. One thing that sets them apart is their clear pride in keeping their news website as accurate and up to date as the news that they broadcast on television.

Most news organizations keep their websites updated almost as a second thought. It seems as if it is a chore for them, so they keep it updated with the most minimal amount of news. It is as if they deny the necessity of their online presence, and think that people are only going to be accessing them through their broadcasts. But, as the internet continues to grow even more convenient and easily accessible, they will begin to lose television viewers, and will be unable to keep their internet readers, if they do not improve their online news.

This is not the case for Dayton Channel 2. The Dayton Channel 2 website is one of the most conveniently laid out, easily navigable, and aesthetically pleasing news websites that I have seen in all of my time viewing countless news sites online.

In the upper right hand corner is the current local weather for a quick glimpse. At the top of the page, running across as a header, is the directory to send you where you want to go within the news site. You can choose News, which expands when you hover over it. From there you can choose Local News, Ohio News or U.S. and World News. You can also click directly over to Traffic, Sports or Crime right from there.

You can also choose Weather, which gives you a more detailed forecast, warnings, current conditions, alerts, school closings and more. Further down the line you have an Investigations tab to click, Report It, Living Dayton, and Community to explore.

With every click, you open up a new level of the fantastic journalism that Channel 2 has to offer. Rather than wasting your time looking at several different news sources all across the internet or television in order to feel satisfied in your news consumption, choose Channel 2. You will never need to bounce around again, and can dedicate that time to the news all from one source.

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