What is a Social Media Specialist?

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If a company exists and they don’t do business on the internet, they are doing something wrong. A whopping 88.1 percent of internet users in America will browse or research products online in 2012, and if your company sells a product and your social media specialist does a good job, you can steer people towards that particular product.

What is a social media specialist? Well, as an incredible 77 percent of companies say they have gained customers from Facebook, a social media specialist sounds like an important job. Social media specialists work for companies and provide valuable content marketing through those social media sites. Social media marketing consultants play a big part in helping to improve website rankings, and are overall very important to the structure of businesses.

Branding and content marketing go hand in hand. Content marketing is comprised of blogs, articles, white papers, press releases, case studies, how tos, news and events. The best social media marketing includes all different types of content on social media sites, which entices people to come try out that product or service. Optimized content marketing can actually be thought as the place where SEO, content marketing and social media intersect. For more, read this link.

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  • Lauren Burke


    Social media sites are still some of the most visited sites on the entire internet. Think about it, besides for maybe search engines, people are always going to one of the major social media sites. So put your business on there, obviously.


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