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What is the de facto weather channel Dayton Ohio? For many local residents it is channel 2 Dayton Ohio that they use for their forecast and news needs. Dayton channel 2 held the first license granted in the Dayton area by the FCC, or Federal Communications Commission. It went on the air for the first time in March of 1949.

Channel 2 news Dayton Ohio, the real weather channel Dayton Ohio, is the NBC affiliate in the Dayton market that was also the home of the original Phil Donahue show that began in 1967. As an aside, the Phil Donahue show was one of the big influences on todays topic oriented talk shows. It went national in 1970 as a Dayton Ohio channel 2 original show. Before even that, the very first show was the Texaco Star Theater with Milton Bearle.

Channel 2, the weather channel Dayton Ohio, premiered their first high definition newscast in July of 2012 as the second station in Dayton, Ohio to cut over to high definition programming as mandated by the FCC. For a brief time in 2008, channel 2 was unavailable to Dayton Time Warner subscribers. They pulled the programming because of contract fee negotiations. It returned to the air shortly thereafter.

The weather channel Dayton Ohio is one of the few ways that other regional programs could not compete with the Dayton market based on their weather tracking and broadcasting facilities. The weather channel Dayton Ohio uses their own weather radar called Live Doppler 2 HD. Before that it was known as Live Doppler 2X. In addition to their news and weather facilities they maintain relationships with several area print news companies to supplement information.

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