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Dayton news channel 2 is Dayton, Ohios NBC affiliate, also known by its call sign as WDTN. Channel 2 Dayton has a robust history, even before it was known as Dayton news channel 2. Dayton news channel 2 serves the greater Dayton, Ohio area and the Miami Valley.

In its early days, channel 2 Dayton Ohio has a legacy that includes a broadcast first for the area. The FCC, Federal Communications Commission, granted its first Dayton market broadcasting license to the original Dayton channel 2 company. In those days, the channel broadcast with a different call sign, but nonetheless it is the same organization.

The original channel 2 news Dayton Ohio station used WLWD for its identification and premiered with a Milton Berle show, the Texaco Star Theater. It boasts a unique connection to a very popular, perhaps genre defining show. Phil Donahue and his famous, some say infamous, talk show began as a Dayton news channel 2 original program. For the record, it went on to influence other famous national talk show hosts, such as Oprah Winfrey. That was probably the first Dayton Ohio channel 2 program produced in house and later spread to a larger audience. Prior to the Phil Donahue show, original programming of that nature were most likely from the Cincinnati affiliate and not Dayton news channel 2.

Dayton news channel 2 was not to be left out of the switch to high definition programming. They premiered their very first hi def newscast on Saturday, July 21, 2012. It was their 6 p.m. broadcast that started the switch to high definition programming for Dayton news channel 2. They were the second Dayton area television station to complete the switch from analog to high definition programming.

Locally, they remain a reliable weather and news mainstay for the entire Miami Valley, but for nearly a month in 2008 they were not available to local cable subscribers as part of a contract disagreement with Time Warner. The channel was reinstated at the end of the month upon finalizing negotiations and contracts with each other.

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