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If you are part of the 90 percent of Americans who subscribes to some sort of paid television programming, you are well aware of the numerous cable news channels and programs that bombard you with sensational news stories. While many of these stories are tragic, how many of them actually affect enough people to warrant national television coverage?

When O.J. Simpson was arrested and indicted on charges of murdering his ex wife and a friend during June of 1994, the nature of the coverage might have been akin to a circus, but given his high profile, it was certainly a story of national interest. The same could be said of the Michael Jackson abuse trial. However, 99 percent of the most sensational stories that you find on television do not involve NFL Hall of Famers, iconic pop stars, or actors. While there have been plenty of Robert Blakes and Phil Spectors over the years, for each one of them there have been a dozen or more George Zimmermans.

This is not to say that the lives and problems of celebrities are more important than regular people who come home from work every day and watch Dayton Ohio Channel 2. But stories involving famous people are newsworthy because the subjects are known by millions of people all over the world. The thing is that cable channels must continually find ways to attract viewers, and they know that sensationalism sells. Unlike those who choose to watch Dayton Ohio Channel 2, many people who are searching for the best world news, or prefer online world news, tend to be fickle.

While there is no shortage of controversial celebrity stories, few of them will hold the attention of viewers for more than three minutes. Therefore, 24 hour cable news stations will scour every county in the U.S. to find any tragic or sordid story that they can be first to report, and will likely win them viewers. Although teenagers are murdered and children go missing every day, the media focuses on those that they think they can get the most mileage from. Hence, you have the Trayvon Martin murder, the Natalee Holloway disappearance, and the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping.

If you are the type of person who does not get caught up in sensationalized news stories you might feel that your choices are limited. You might also feel alone because you consider the best news programming, the best internet news, and the best news magazines to be those that give the facts without drama. But it is good to know that you can always count on Dayton Ohio Channel 2.

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