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Dayton channel 2 is home to WDTN news. Channel 2 news Dayton Ohio provides both national and international news that is of importance to Dayton residents, and local Dayton news such as criminal activity, closings due to weather, local and national sports, weather reports, traffic reports, and local community events. Dayton channel 2 is also a valuable weather channel Dayton Ohio. Dayton Ohio channel 2 provides you with not only a daily forecast which is predicted by their well trained meteorologists, but satellite and national radar weather alerts, to keep you aware of major storms across the country. Their traffic cams allow them to inform you what routes will be slower parts of your commute, and they also report about the airport status, so that you can keep up to date on relevant flight information.

The reporters at Dayton channel 2 work around the clock, ensuring that the news that reaches you is always the most up to date. They also update their website regularly, so that the news there is as up to date as the news you see on the television.

Dayton channel 2 also has a community section, which highlights individuals and groups that are making a difference in the Dayton area. This means that Dayton residents have a say in who is highlighted on Channel 2 Dayton, and are able to recognize those that they think are benefitting their community.

If you miss live airings of Dayton channel 2, you can get updates on their website at The local, international, and national news that was broadcast that day on Dayton channel 2 will be available on this website for you to see, as well as the channel 2 weather Dayton Ohio, sports reports from the day, and community news such as upcoming events and charity fundraisers.

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